MUSE The Muse Hall, which has a relaxing and elegant atmosphere due to the subtle natural light coming through the wide,
tall window on the east and the west side, is definitely one of the top-picks for the ladies.
House parties, standing parties, exhibitions, etc. are all suitable for this venue.
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  • Floors 1F / 170㎡(20m*9m)
    Capacity 100 Persons
  • Screens 1 100 inch screens
    Seperated sections 3 Section
  • Audio Ceiling embedded type
    Projectors 1projectors
Reservation & Consultation02 - 2280 - 7922
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Floor Plan

  • Original View

  • Customizing Style100 Persons

Menu List

Breakfast Ugeoji haejangguk 5 other side dishes + grilled fish + coffee
Bugeoguk 5 other side dishes + grilled fish + bulgogi + coffee
4th floor - breakfast buffet 43 kinds of food 50+ persons
3th floor - breakfast buffet Restaurant Buffet
Seminar menu
Korean Style
Ugeoji galbitang Ugeoji galbitang + 5 side dishes
Galbijjim Galbijjim + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Bibimbap Bibimbap + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Grilled fish Grilled fish + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Jeyukbokkeum Jeyukbokkeum + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Bulgogi Bulgogi + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Steak Course A Rib eye steak with red wine sauce and 6 others
B Beef tenderloin steak with port wine sauce and 6 others
C Beef tenderloin with two sauce + shrimp dishes and 6 others
Buffet 3F Brunch buffet 30 kinds of food
3F Reception buffet 65 kinds of food
4F & 3F
A 59 kinds of food, 3 types of sashimi (Tuna, tilapia, sea pineapple) 50+ persons
B 65 kinds of food, 4 types of sashimi (Tuna, tilapia, sea pineapple, mullet (alive))+tuna tataki+shrimp stick+seafood combination salad+mushroom soup with vegetables+Palbochae 50+ persons
C 72 kinds of food, 4 types of sashimi (tilapia, octopus, mullet (alive), snapper (alive), snow crab legs+Gungjungeoseon+seasoned ocellate spot skate+seasoned deodeok+Greek salad with tomato+rice porridge with abalone+chicken sticks+grilled sea eel+combinations of puddings 50+ persons
Korean cuisine Fusion Korean cuisine 14 kinds of course meals
Lunch box Lunch box Lunch box + Coffee ( Japanese )
Dessert menu
(for 1 person)
Coffee Coffee break
Cookies Combination cookies
Sandwich 2 kinds of sandwiches
Fruit 6 Combination of fruits

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