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Wedding Item List


Muse Hall (1F) Ceremony Hours 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 17:00 18:30
Wedding hall hours (1F Muse Hall with 150 seats) 10:30~12:00 12:00~13:30 13:30~15:00 15:00~16:30 16:30~18:00 18:00~19:30
Reception hours (3F restaurant with 350 seats) 10:30~12:30 12:00~14:00 13:30~15:30 15:00~17:00 16:30~18:30 18:00~20:00
Muse Hall (1F) Ceremony Hours 12:00 13:30 15:00 16:30 18:00
Wedding hall hours (150 seats) 11:30~13:00 13:00~14:30 14:30~16:00 16:00~17:30 17:30~19:00
Reception hours (3F restaurant with 350 seats) 11:30~13:30 13:00~15:00 14:30~16:30 16:00~18:00 17:30~19:30
  • Meal times are available for 2 hours from 30 minutes before the ceremony.
  • Hours of use may be adjusted according to the situation.


BUFFET Adults (13 years old or older),
Children (6-12 years old)
The menu may change according to the season
Beverages · Liquor Beverages · Beer Free Drink
Soju Provided up to one bottle if needed
Using of amenities Wedding hall flower decoration (share) Stage + Virgin Road + Table Centerpiece
Wedding hall Use of Wedding Hall (rent fee)
Use of the pyebaeksil Pyebaek tools + pyebaek costumes
Using the system DVD screening, audio, special lighting, livestreaming the wedding
Concierge services attendee guidance and overall wedding care
Essential wedding supplies Gloves, wedding statement, wedding pledge, guestbook, etc
Wedding Lounge Suite A, B (waiting room), changing room, locker (1 each for bride and groom), powder room (reservations needed)
Pyebaek assistant fee Pyebaek assisstant fee is separate - paid with the bill on the day
  • Shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes in front of Exit No. 8 of Chungmuro Station on the ceremony day
  • The above restaraunt menu may change depending on the seasonal food supply.
  • Wreaths are prohibited in the venue.


Wedding performance 1. BGM
2. Piano trio (piano, violin, cello)
3. Piano + male vocal trio / jazz trio / popera duo + piano
Professional MC's Professional MC's can be hired for officiating (can choose not to hold one)
Officiators Professional Officiators can be hired
Pyebaek food Course No. 1 (chicken, gujeolpan, marinated jujube, cheongju, chestnut pouch) / Price may differ for different courses
Makeup service for bride / groom's parents Visiting makeup service for bride / groom's parents (First-come-first-served, only for bride / groom's parents)
Cake cutting Cake cutting ceremony
Welcoming drinks 4F If 250 persons guaranteed / 1F If 200 people guaranteed
Package for bride / groom family meet-up 3F PJ RESTAURANT (Fusion Korean cuisine for 5 people + 2 bottles of wine)
Afterparty (beverage · beer · finger food) Minimum of 30 people required
Flowers for the visitors Price differs on the amount and design / preliminary consultation required
Flower shower Will be done at the ceremony (For 6 people)
Photo table Flower decoration, picture frame, candle decoration
Wedding Room Package Wedding room package available if 400 persons guaranteed (available on the day before or on the ceremony day)
Wedding Package (studio, dress, makeup) Studio + dress + makeup (rehearsal + ceremony)
* For more information, please contact us.
  • Issuance of VIP parking ticket (4 cars for family members can park up to 5 hours, free of charge) (for guests, up to 2 hours of parking - free of charge)
  • On the day of ceremony, shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes in front of the exit No. 10 of Euljiro 4 and exit No. 8 of Chungmuro station

Banquet Menu List

Breakfast Ugeoji haejangguk 5 other side dishes + grilled fish + coffee
Bugeoguk 5 other side dishes + grilled fish + bulgogi + coffee
4th floor - breakfast buffet 43 kinds of food 50+ persons
3th floor - breakfast buffet Restaurant Buffet
Seminar menu
Korean Style
Ugeoji galbitang Ugeoji galbitang + 5 side dishes
Galbijjim Galbijjim + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Bibimbap Bibimbap + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Grilled fish Grilled fish + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Jeyukbokkeum Jeyukbokkeum + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Bulgogi Bulgogi + 5 side dishes + soup + fruit
Steak Course A Rib eye steak with red wine sauce and 6 others
B Beef tenderloin steak with port wine sauce and 6 others
C Beef tenderloin with two sauce + shrimp dishes and 6 others
Buffet 3F Brunch buffet 30 kinds of food
3F Reception buffet 65 kinds of food
4F & 3F
A 59 kinds of food, 3 types of sashimi (Tuna, tilapia, sea pineapple) 50+ persons
B 65 kinds of food, 4 types of sashimi (Tuna, tilapia, sea pineapple, mullet (alive))+tuna tataki+shrimp stick+seafood combination salad+mushroom soup with vegetables+Palbochae 50+ persons
C 72 kinds of food, 4 types of sashimi (tilapia, octopus, mullet (alive), snapper (alive), snow crab legs+Gungjungeoseon+seasoned ocellate spot skate+seasoned deodeok+Greek salad with tomato+rice porridge with abalone+chicken sticks+grilled sea eel+combinations of puddings 50+ persons
Korean cuisine Fusion Korean cuisine 14 kinds of course meals
Lunch box Lunch box Lunch box + Coffee ( Japanese )
Dessert menu
(for 1 person)
Coffee Coffee break
Cookies Combination cookies
Sandwich 2 kinds of sandwiches
Fruit 6 Combination of fruits